Dynamite Mussels and Scallops

May 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

If you are reading this on 5/8/11, then Happy Mothers Day!  This is a very popular and tasteful dish and accompanied the other food we have eaten for Mothers Day Dinner.  This recipe is quite easy and quick to make and some of you may already know how to make this!  So let’s get started!

When ordering this at a restaurant, you will pay quite a bit!  This dish tends to have high consistent demand.  I also noticed that the supply and prices of mussels are not extremely cyclical!  Restaurants make high margins on this food, and I don’t blame them!

This Dynamite sauce can also be used with scallops (which I use in this write-up) and also with oysters (which I did not use in this write-up).  Both of these are usually more expensive than mussels, but very tasty in it’s own right.

For all of the mussels in this recipe, I paid about 5 dollars.  That’s about the price I paid for just 2 mussels the last time I ordered this at a restaurant!

What you will Need

Mayonnaise (or Kewpie mayonnaise)

Shiracha Sauce

Green Onions (Optional)

Masago (Optional)

Mussels (Half shelled)

Scallops (Optional)

First Prep your pans

(Optional) Soak your mussels in salt water to clean them.  I did them here because I bought unprepped full shell mussels that I had to clean and shell and needed the water for them to open their shells so I can remove half of the shell.  It is much easier if you bought half shell mussels to start of with.

Put about a cup of mayonnaise in a bowl.

Now put about a spoonful of shiracha sauce in with the mayo and mix them well.

I know that I did not quantify nicely, but it depends on how much mussels and scallops you are making, and also the ratio of mayonnaise to shiracha you want.  It is something you will have to “feel” out.  If you are unsure, use the pictures above, they were enough for 20 mussels and 13 scallops.  Adjust accordingly then.

The mix you just made is the dynamite sauce!  Easy right?

Now spread the dynamite sauce on the musells.  I find it easier to use my fingers to spread the sauce on mussels.

Next do the same for the scallops.  I find it easier to use a spoon to put the dynamite sauce on the scallops.

Place them on a pan.  If you are using green onions or masago, then place them onto the dynamite sauce on the Mussels and scallops.  For this write-up I just used green onion, as Masago was quite expensive at this time.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees farenheight.

Put your mussels and scallops into the pan.

Put them into the oven and bake them for about 15-20 minutes.

Everyones ovens are different and distribute and calibrate heat slightly different.

If you are unsure if your food is done, than check to see if the dynamite sauce has turned a golden brown, if it has, than it is done!

When done serve hot and enjoy!


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